calling NAU Swedish Enron, couldn't agree more. Theres no way these clowns(crooks?)should have ANY say in our Co. after their incompetence, lies, greed. Looking like these clowns are trying to cover their tracks IMHO. Paid millions to lie to s/h, lie to funds, secretly negotiate financing with PAS for 50% discount, delayed DFS well over 2 years(at million a month), debacle, mine on time and on budget, the list goes on and on. Thank god TSX FINALLY did their job, getting Satan Hvide to release BOD salaries to Canadian authorities. Let's all chip $150, to retain a good Swedish lawyer(2 million in retainer) and % he may not be much to us s/h but putting these clowns behind bars for their actions/inactions, lies, would be sweet none the less. Wish TSX would have done their job last year, when i complained about PAS being able to dump on insider info to reload at 50% discount. Oslo's response was expected....if we find any warrant, we will alert Norway Financial Commission....seems friendship won out over rules and regulation. New management, maybe we can salvage something??? Sure miss Buck, Ralph and the rest of the old honest management. One things for sure, these clowns will need lots of resources to fight to stay out of jail IMO.