This management and BOD have been out of touch with North America for some time.  They had an opportunity to establish N.A. IR with an experienced person that had been with the company for several years but when given the proposal for the IR in N.A. said that it was not needed because most of the shares were traded in Oslo and that they were now a Luxemburg company.  Then they raise a ton of money with Haywoood in Canada but no follow up with IR.  These guys are provincial at best.  Anders went to USC and Harvard he should have a better understanding of Canada and the US.  To much country bais with these guys.  Look at who they are turning to to solve the problem, people of a like mind set and from the same region.  If you are going to be global then look global.  Where is Hatch Financial and RBC?  Where is Turner and Townson?  What happened to N.A. back office for internal audit?  These people gave good sound "global advice.  What happened to memebers of the  N.A. managment team?  They used Raw Materials Group to advise on iron ore priceing.  RMG is Swedish!!!    How is that PeAB working out for you?  Management and BOD have to go!