Here's an interesting excerpt from Nov 11 2011 Chronicle, I guess the budget thing got lost 'somewhere' about two or three weeks ago!!

An ironclad emerging producer

When asked about the company’s tendency to keep heads down, work hard and avoid crowing about successes, Antonsson laughs and says that Northland’s has, in the past, been criticised for keeping quiet and carrying on with business instead of marketing its achievements.

“That’s our way of operating as project managers; focusing on delivery and execution, rather than boasting in advance that we’re going to make major achievements and then not deliver,” he says.

“All of the small steps are important. Everything is going according to plan. Since setting our sights on what we want to do two years ago, we’ve worked according to plan meeting solid [targets or milestones] from the start and due to good management on site to keep track of our progress.”

Entering 2012 backed by big partners, firm longstanding agreements for both offtake and logistics, and a track record of consistently hitting targets on time and on budget, the outlook for Northland and the Kaunisvaara project is highly positive.

Maybe there could be a buyout. Must be worth close to $1 a share. Come on, Tata...