Jays  the FAQ on Northland website says the BOD have full confidence in KAW.  Let's see if they throw him under the bus when the lawsuites start eating away at the Directors insurance policy.  If the BOD, Anders, and KAW would have listened earlier they would not be in this jam.  when you start to beieve your invincible, and have all the answers (KAW) then iyt is all on you.  There were those that tried to present alternatives to the logistic plan, waiting to open the Swedish side until rail and ports were more favorable, using the Finnish side as the launching pad for the Comapny.  KAW wanted to be a hero in Sweden and it dcost the shareholders big time.  Sounds like he is not the hero he planed to be.  Where is the Pellovuma DFS? Where is the the Hannukainen DFS?  Some grad student is going to write his theis on how to tank a company using this mess as a case study.  Oh I am sorry it has aolready been done!!