I would say to him; You got to be kidding me!!!!  Yes, it is a shame ...You shoud have read this  http://stockstories.org/story1.pdf  along the way.  Even at this point(within this situation) and in your carrier you still come go around and try to pump this mess that you and the board created? After all the miscalculations, misrepresentations, and Hell knows what else, you and the board have been paid to avoid, you still come out and talk to the investing world, without a sound PLAN B???  PLAN A is GONE , SIR? You and the rest the board must go(should've been told to leave long ago). Well... yes, I know. You have to sign off at the very end to make it legal for the new owners.

EQUITY shareholders will be wiped out in the process. Someone(big) knows what to do with this wreck and will make huge money in the process.

Whomever came late and stayed or been here waiting for the end, LOST.

I totally agree with local politician.

Local politician Kurt Wennberg remained sanguine about the mine owners' woes.

"Of course it's a shame, but the mine will live on. It's there now and it's not going to just disappear from the municipality."