Mr. Waplan keep hope alive.

Northland Resources pressured CEO says to Dagens Industri that the risk of failure is minimal.

After Tuesday's decision to suspend the offering are Northland Resources Board facing an increasingly difficult crisis to solve.

From several sources heard your accident ravens caw for bankruptcy, while the demands placed on the CEO Mr. Waplan should resign.

But to Dagens Industri (click link) says Waplan that he still has the support board.

- The risk of failure is very small. With the conditions we have today, with the money we have, with the discussions we have and with the production we have, I can not see any risk of bankruptcy, he told financial newspaper.

"Toughest time in his career"

Waplan while allowing the mining company - with its financing of 2.4 billion - are in a very difficult situation.

- It is safe to say that the past week has been the toughest time in my career. But we do not bury our heads in the sand, we want to talk, says Karl-Axel Waplan.