Couldn't agree more Sysaphus, BOD and Management will go down as corrupt, incompetent, liars. But quite possibly their intent was to make their Oslo buddies extremely rich...with inside info, lies, naked shorts, dilution at 50% discounts, the fix has been in.If that was their intent, they succeeded, they own no shares, collect huge salaries as they fumble along every day. HALT this stock, look over the books, and go over sales since June, it shouldn't be too hard to pin point who has had privy info via our management.  You made a great move leaving after last equity financing. I should have left as ALL honest management were released for Hvide;s cronies to be employed. I'm thinking there will be several lawsuits involving Hvide, KAW, Pareto, ESO naked shorting. These clowns think they are above having to answer to s/h, but enough people have been slaughtered in N.A. and Sweden, there WILL HAVE TO be investigated. Inside info can't just be released to Hvides buddies, Oslo IMO is worse than the old VSE, but Pas has made hundreds of millions on this stock, they might be willing to hire a few defense attorneys, they will need them IMHO.Fire Hvide, KAW, BOD, must be a few legit Swedes who can save this scam from continuing. Since NAU is being slaughtered by Norwegians, TSX might be pushed into the BOD /Bors dealings.