That's better kingfisher7, I knew you could behave like an adult.

I disagree with you re the fundamentals. The fundamentals are the reason I got out after the last financing.  Granted the price was an attraction but I had the advantage of having a previous unpleasant experience with this and didn't want to risk a repeat.

I honesly hope you're right about a takeout vs bankruptcy. I know several people in this and even if I didn't I never like to see the bad guys win so I hope the shareholders at least get something out of this fiasco.

I don't think it'll be much. Originally I posted it would likely be in the $.20-$.30/share range but I'm thinking less now as clearly any group taking Nau over has the BOD over a barrel in that any offer, even a stupidly lowball one, is still better than getting nothing at all.


I also have a feeling that no matter what happens, the lawsuits will fly.

Should also be an investigation into this but even if there is one, can it be trusted? I may sound like a cynic but after seeing what''s happening in Europe and the USA it's clear to me the system is hopelessly corrupt.