Having several million reasons not to trust Northland gang there is no depth that they will not go to save their fat paychecks and perks.  Has anyone looked closly at KAW serverance package?  They may not have the cash to get rid of him??  When he left Lundin he got a great deal as I recall.  He delayed his employment with Northland to maximize his Lundin deal.

The BOD is suppose to represent the Shareholders.  Management are the employees of the Shareholders.  The Chairman needs to cowboy up do the right thing and clean house on managment begining with KAW.  Something has gone very wrong here when managment is in control with out accountablity to shareholders.  Allowing management to run amuck is the falut of the BOD but the shareholders should have put pressure on the BOD.  The problem is the fund managers can not afford to take the hit on their commision accounts by selling out or using the threat of selling out to get the BOD attention.  What is Haywood, Pareto and others telling their clients that they put into this deal.  What are they saying to Northland?