The VP-IR’s statement today to the Swedish paper ”Aftonbladet”:


Q: Will you raise money in time, so that the company doesn’t go under?

A:  All I can say is that we are in touch with investors and several are interested in helping.


Q:  Will small shareholders get back the money they have invested?

A:  We did a new issue a year ago.  Those who sold after that, lost alot.  But we are going to increase the rate of production and we believe in better ore prices.  But there are no guarantees, the mining industry is a high risk industry.


Q: When will you bring in money from mining?

A:  Q3 2014 when we expect to produce 4 million tonnes of ore.


Q: You have a shortfall of SEK 3 billion.  How could you have made such a bad estimate?

A:  We can only say now that we have miscalculated.  We have worked from a basic analysis that was made in 2010.  But with what we know today, we can state that it has become more expensive than estimated.