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Methanex Corporation T.MX

Sector: Chemicals | Sub-Sector: Chemicals

Methanex Corporation is engaged in the production and distribution of methanol, a chemical that is used to make a range of industrial, consumer and energy products.
Price: $69.08 | Change: +$2.98 | % Change: +4.51%
Volume: 472,125 | Day High/Low: 69.42/66.00 | 52 Week High/Low: 81.24/39.65

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RE:RE:RE:Now down 18% from the high

There is no particular news, but it would appear that the profit-taking induced correction has run its course and the stock should re-establish an upward trend. Hopefully a general market correction...read more
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RE:RE:Now down 18% from the high

I can't find news to explain the down and up.  rate and reply
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RE:Now down 18% from the high

It closed at $66.10, down $2.60, on Apr. 23. Today at 2.55 pm it recovered all the loss of yesterday. It is trading at $69.15.  rate and reply
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Now down 18% from the high

This is a significant corrrection and should stop at $65 or so. The speculators are gone now. BBB  rate and reply
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RE:What has gone wrong in past few days?

Called investor relations. Apparently the price of methanal ahad spike in the last two quarters because of suppliers being down, in particulat Patronias in Malaysia. They have come back on stream and...read more
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What has gone wrong in past few days?

Everyday down, where is the end? Please comment.  rate and reply
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To sell or not

Further to what I wrote earlier on this subject, following is a comment from an analyst: David Baskin The main input for methanol is natural gas, which is in ample supply globally. The main use for...read more
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47.2 Million in Insider Selling According to TD Ink Insider

As well... markets getting bubbly, and rising nat gas prices will put pressure on mx earnings, MX share price looks at or near top for now, buy low and sell high, hard to do now with mx at its all...read more
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RE:Is thesis the time to sell?

This is a very well managed company that has a firm fix on how to make money in its market. It has little efffective competition and the product they make is in constant demand. What's not to like...read more
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Is thesis the time to sell?

In last two weeks it has gone up $7. Is it going to touch 100 by end of this year?  rate and reply
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RE:What happened here?

The whole market is a @$#ing mess.  "The mood" of the herd or at least the market makers is negative.  Everything is being shorted as soon as it makes a move up.  No good reason just like with this...read more
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What happened here?

Why this is falling like a rock? Any opinion?  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Record results

Oh, you mean target price a year out?  Yea, $90 easily.  I was just thinking $75 by the end of the week.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Record results

$75 target price is very low. That is only a 15.3 P/E on the earnings just reported. P/E before earnings was 18.1 which computes to an $88.75 share price using the new annual earnings . This is a...read more
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RE:Record results

I want it to be very high, but I'm guessing only $75...  I hope that you are right instead of me!!  rate and reply
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Record results

This is the best surprise, surprise.  I will figure out a way to deal with the tax consequences when this should take off Thursday like a rocket headed for the moon.  Or at least $90 to my figuring...read more
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Surprise, surprise

Well, I thought I was buying a Cndn. stock on the TMX, but the dividends are reporting in USD$, so you don't get the Cndn. dividend tax credit.  rate and reply
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"Top Pick," by Barry Schwartz

last week, on BNN MarketCall. says the "supply of methanol is very tight," and that there is "increasing demand."  rate and reply
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Note to Numb Nuts "Quantwhatever"

Before you get a chance to jump allover Uchuck, I still have lots of MX in my RSP. Still, no one except elite traders like "pagoda5, have any clue what supply/demand for methanol is. Wish the co...read more
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Uchuck's Been Outta MX 100% Now

...for over 3 weeks. They are dismantling their equipment in S. America and ultimately moving that stuff to Alberta, to re-build the plants there, where methane prices are a lot cheaper. Could take a...read more