Denv you are so trusting. To say you are sure our worthy PR departmant ... Patrick Evans.... will release the information at the right time, is really clutching at straws. Our PR dept. will only exert themselves when they have to. With the tight control of the TIG's there is absolutely no need to keep the hoi plloi informed of what is happening. Far better to treat the small investors like mushrooms, (feed them manure & keep them in the dark) except we don't even get the manure. !!!!! Now before you go off on a tangent, I am still a great believer in MPV & am not planning to jump off the roof yet. Let's hope we get some news soon & you don't get another buying opportunity. Remember the words of Somerset Maugham " Life is a very dull affair & my advice to you is to have nothing whatever to do with it". Have a great Mother's Day & an even better week.    rdgeo