Points well taken, tinytot.  Whether we will "mirror' the performance of Aber is anyone's guess. What we do know is that:


1] MPV has remained under the radar for the past 10 years folowing its initial discovery, much as Aber did.


2] the TIGS have a verrrrrrry large position in the stock, and earned their "billionaire status" through years of astute investing.


3] our share structure is pretty tight, and shareholder loyalty pretty high, despite the waiting game.


4] on an aggregate carat-for-carat basis, MPV is better positioned than was Aber at this stage in its development.


5] MPV is debt free, with a solid treasury, and positioned to debt finance its share of the construction costs on exceptionally favourable terms, at market rates not seen in 50 years. 


Now to balance the equation, on the downside of course is the fact that mining these days is not the favorite flavour with investors.  Will we be in 2-3 years?  That's a question I don't have the answer for. However, given that, I'm satisfied that the beginning of mining for MPV is still a couple of years off.  This period is not the best time for the producers.