Oh my!!! cbrit re-incarnated in DenvCol1. What is it with you people that as soon as ever someone comes up with a contrary view to your own, your only response is to slam them. No my friend, I don't have a big black cloud over my head, but if there is any type of cloud there it is called reality. I just don't believe we can ignore all the signs of a financial debacle that is coming to the U.S. & let's face it Canada will be caught up in the mess. But to comment on your "who would buy us out question"?. Obviously you haven't heard of some people called the Chinese, or the Indians. These countries are buying more & more in Canada, especially the Chinese. Now i'm not saying that there is a buyout offer coming, all i'm saying is my sources tell me there's something afoot & to not be surprised if some news leaks out. That's all Denv, don't you think MPV will be seeking U.S.  investment no matter who buys builds or markets our diamonds?  just learn to be a bit more open minded. Have a great 1st day of Spring tomorrow..Remember the words of Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990) "Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream".  Have a good one, rdgeo.