Well folks it looks like i've inadvertently done it again, upset cbrit that is. Cbrit, you have to believe me when I tell you that at no time have I tried to upset you on purpose. Maybe you were bullied when you were younger & are especially sensitive, but man you just have to get on with life, quit taking things so seriously. When you are able to look at the situation with MPV as if you were a pebble in a river being carried downstream by the current, which you have no control over, then your life will become alot more, dare I say it, fun. I really don't give a tinkers **** about your reaction to my posts where your name gets mentioned,  as its all meant with tongue in cheek, so take a pill relax & be happy that someone recognises you. As they say in Hollywood, there no such thing as bad press, just spell my name right. So have a great week let's hope we see some movement up in our stock, as the financial situatioin in the U.S. gets more & more bleak. When Walmart is getting worried because even poor people can't afford to shop there, I really don't like the outlook for diamonds. However, I was listening to a radio teport this weekend, where it was said that at a recent diamond auction, prices were 4 times the appraised value.Just goes to show, the rich are getting richer, but the poor are getting poorer and the middle class are getting...... you know what. cbrit, remember the words of Oscar Wilde(1854-1900) "The truth is rarely pure, and never simple". Have a great week.