I am providing information about a subject unrelated to MPV for a reason.  Imperial Oil just announced (on February 21) in the Financial Post that the company has named Exxon veteran Richard Kruger as CEO.  I gathered from the article that Exxon {1) wants to move more aggressively with their oil sands projects, and (2) Exxon sees Canada as a great place to invest.  There are very interesting developments going on in the North American oil industry, but that is another subject.  The part that relates to MPV is the second part, namely "Canada is a great place to invest."  De Beers and Anglo-American certainly keep up with what other  international businesses are doing in Canada, particularly giants like Imperial Oil and Exxon-Mobil.  If you are going to make a decision on a diamond mine in Canada with a slam-dunk IRR, and you are located in South Africa or London, what are you going to do?  Obviously go forward with the Gahcho Kue mine !!!