My crystal ball is cracked onlypsd, so I do not know what the future holds.


 If i did know what the future holds, which is a future now in the past i woulda bought and then sold  chc, iocc and pot in that order.


as for mpv, i coulda made a fortune if only i bought in the troughs and dumped at the peaks; but hindsight is 20/20.  one zorro11 seemed to know how to play the game, along with a few other cleaver blokes on this board.

as it stands, i think we all would like to see mpv skyrocket monday morning at opening bell.


have a great weekend onlypsd and danvar dear and tt and gmdsu and brit and cbrit and arlikino and debvan and akdude and marine2 and all the rest.


and good night MLB wherever you are.