this article says the DeBeers blockade is over.


Since the DeBeers blockade is over then the reason for this email spat should be concluded.  However, the debate continues. Incidently, this issue involveThe issue of theVictor Mine roadblock involved Treaty 9 Indians protesting in Northern Ontario while our negotiations are with Treaty 8 Indians in the Territories.


Interestingly, Treaty 8 Indians are Creewhile Treaty 8 Indians are Dene.  The difference between the two is as great as the different between Portuguese and Russians: totally different regions, languages etc. 


Since this blockade has come to a happy conclusion the debate should be over. Also since the Aitatcho Treaty 8 have absolutely nothing to do withAttawapaskat  Treaty 9 Indians, none of this should ever have started in the first place.


 However, sniping continues for no practical reason.  In conclusion,  it seems that the opinions expressed have nothing to do with our mine development.  Instead the opions expressey involve something much more emotional, hot headed and  irrational. 


Of course thats just my opinion, and everybody is allowed one.


Have a great weekend.