Down she goes again, just when everything looked good, here we go again. I made a New Years resolution to be more positive in 2013, but it really is tough, especially when I believed the stock manipulation was finished with. But here we go again, a big drop on a high volume (for us anyway). If it's going to be the buyout like MLB said, you would think investors would be hanging on. Remember, MPV traded at over $9 15 years ago when we had nothing but b.s. & stars in our eyes. Now with all this positive info, we can barely make $4, what's wrong with this picture? Unfortunately, I don't hear any news now, as MLB has been put out to pasture by certain posters on this board. Too bad, it would be good to get some real info on whats about to happen. Have a good week & let's hope some sanity returns to our baby.    rdgeo