Getting GK up and running and holding off on KL is a geat idea.

First adding more noise to the area will only delay the development of GK. (give someone an excuse and they will take it)

When GK is up and running they will dig a hole and the next hole will be used to fill in the first. This is taking alot of work and the last hole will have to be filled in with the pile.

With KL we will now have an available hole to fill in. We will not need permission to stock pile rock to fill the last hole. GK can leave their stockpiled rock and KL will use it to fill their last hole.

MPV/DB will be building a refinery. KL will make a deal to use this refinery to process their ore so no expense for this. MPV will learn about diamonds/ mining and selling and all this knowledge will be transferred to KL.

I believe this is called synergy and KL is dripping with it.