The big money in diamond stocks is made long term.  A long term investor in Aber Resources rode that stock up from 7$ to $52.50 over a six year period.  The anualized gains were huge!  Mountain Provinces's situation is the same as Aber's except that the players are different and MPV's grade is not as rich (but plently rich enough).  Yes, there will be plently of opportunities to take short term profits.  But why?  The annualized returns long term  could average at least 100% per year.  I know a lot of people (including myself) are worried about the political and economic instability in the U. S. and Europe.  But we always have those outside issues to worry about in the stock market.  In the last 40 years I have made every mistake known to man (and woman) in the stock market.  I am not going to repeat those mistakes with this stock.