I believe that the following investment criteria make Mountain Province a great investment with superior appreciation potential.  MPV is a relatively low priced stock with significantly less risk than a typical TSX-Ventures stock.  Following are 4 criteria that make investing in MPV so enticing:

(1)  Mountain Province and De Beers have probably the richest current diamond deposit in Canada at Gahcho Kue.  The only diamod deposit that was richer in Canada was Rio Tinto's and Aber's deposit at the Diavik mine, but that mine has been in production for 10 years - significantly reducing the value of the diamond reserves.  In addition, recent testing of the deep samples from the Tuzo Pipe and increased volume of the pipe indicate that the average grade of Gahcho Kue could increase above 1.57 carats per tonne.

(2) Acceptance by the investment Community.  Mountain Province already trades on the senior TSX and NYSE, giving the stock instant credibility.  Mountain Province already has a partner in De Beers that is becoming the most established diamond producer in Canada.

(3) Availability of Financing.  Mountain Province should have no trouble arranging financing to complete financing of the project, feasibility study upgrade, and preparation for construction.

(4) Risk Reduction.  Mountain Province's and De Beers' Gahcho Kue project has been significantly derisked.  The remaining risks consist of the permitting phase (which we know is going very well), negotiations with the natives (also going very well), and the market for gem quality diamonds (down in 2012, but still very viable). 

To summarize, Mountain Province is a low priced stock with large appreciation potential that has been significantly derisked.  At $4, The stock price is low enough to allow accumulation of a sizeable position over the next 4 years, allowing the MPV investor to hit a future HOME RUN !!!