My dear friends & fellow MPV'ers. I received a tweet from MLB this morning & in the tweet he waxes eloquently on our favourite subject. He rambles on about what is happening now, but unfortunately has asked me to not to post his remarks on this Board. I guess he has been reading the posts that were critical to my remarks and feels guilty that I should be criticised as "childish" for passing on  messages from "A Bird". So in respect to my good friend I have decided to agree to his request. Thanks for all the Christmas wishes to which i would like to add my own. Here's wishing all of you a Healthy & Prosperous 2013. Hopefully this year will see an upward trend in our investment, could we still see $4 before the end of 2012, wouldn't that be encouraging? Let's hope the U.S. economy will start to shape up and allow people to get back to work. 

So my friends remember the words of William Hague (1961 - ) ` It was inevitable the Titanic was going to set sail, but that doesnt mean it was a good idea to be on it.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas & lets get the new year off to a flying start.    rdgeo