I am going to come with a crystal ball progression of the MPV stock price in an attempt to answer the request by loqtus.  This is based on the progression in the stock price of Aber Resources before and after the start of production of the Diavik mine.  Aber went from about $11 in the late 1990s tp a peak of $52.50 in late 2003, a year after start of production.  Aber was in the 20's in early 2000's before construction of the berm in Lac de Gras, dewatering, and prestriping.  If this pattern holds true for MPV, we could see $5 to $6 per share after permitting (I agree with cbrit on 2013 for completion of permits), $7 to $8 after completion of mine plan (2014), $10 to $12 after completion of dykes and dewatering, $12 to $15 afer prestriping of 5034 pipe, $16 to $17 after start of production, and $20 to very optimistically $25 a year after startup (around 2017).  The beauty of this stock is that once the permits are in place, MPV will be significantly derisked.  Then it will be just a question of time to achieve the big returns on the stock.