Thanks for your many comments.  Now I will.respond.  (1)  I don't know anyone at De Beers, so I can't be their troll.  (2)  I am very straight-forward, and I can tell you that my only motive is to make money on MPV long term, meaning 4 to 5 years.  (3) I really like this stock, so I have no intention of bashing it to get people to sell it at a low price.  (4) my estimated price of $10 is WORST CASE.  A price of $15 to $25 is possible if very positive events take place in tne next 4 to 5 years.  I always try to calculate a worst case so I can see if I can still make money if global and financial events don't work out very well.  Given the instability in the U. S. and Europe right now, I think we have to be very prudent with our investments.  (5) I am promoting MPV to friends in Denver, and friends and relatives in Michigan and Wisconsin.  I think we would all agree that having as many MPV investors in Canada and tne U. S. as possible is a good idea.  (6) I have a lot of respect for investors who have stayed with MPV for a long time.  Don't give up on the stock.  This is the time to be adding to your position.  The permitting process and negotiations with the natives appears to be going extremely well.  Once MPV gets their permits, it is off to the races.  Thanks, Denv.