By the looks of it the most angry people have composed the power point from the LKDFN. Do they speak for all? I very much doubt it. But they have composed the power point. Secondly the MVRB would not exist if there were no developments in the MV. Thirdly as is often the case you tend to get the most negative feed back through these review board processes. On the whole after reading the entire manuscript odf the final hearing with the LKDFN my opinion is all in all it was a very mixed view on the any mine development, far from one sided negative. You have to see it as if your community is small and half the young people become more able to afford a house in let's say Whitehorse  Edmonton or Yellowknife then were does that leave your community or you for that matter? These people don't as a rule witness vast changes day to day. A mine even 140KM away is a big deal to them It can bring good and bad, all depends on who you talk to. I wish they would dial down the "White man" lingo. Just say developed world man or something. Is it only Whate people taht want to pull resources from the ground? Last time I looked Debeers had many different races on the payroll.