Hello everyone from the land down  under

Have a listen to our leader at Scotia mining conf here is the link hope it works .Some good stuff from matt at swy as well .

By the way looks like all my new mpv shares showed up this fine day exorcized all my right and bought some rights at 1.5 c form some unlucky guy or gal Ha lol !! Time will tell

patric does mention Tesla pipe in the clip its something ive asked him about several times he thinks it holds promise but needs a lot of work . thats not how he but it but I am inferring a lot .

Looks like their is good insight as to future rights  offering and looks as well as bottin will back that as well .plus some insight as to next two winter roads construction ect nothing new but its good to know costs are not climbing to much .Patrick is guessing 700 mill for dev somewhat of an escalation

cheers everyone

its going to be a good xmas http://extras.newswire.ca/scotiacapital/mining2012/scotia-day3-lobby.html