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I've just finished giving instructions on the exercise of my Rights, and thought you might benefit from the RIGHTS Offering instructions I had received from RBC in Toronto.  I've highlighted the key section that might apply to your situation.  Hope it helps.


I had to scan the Notice into OCR, so there might be some odd translation, but the applicability to you is clear. ... you can indeed exercise your  MPV Rights.




RBC Direct Investing Inc.

200 Bay Street, North Tower

P.O. Box 75

Toronto, Ontario M5J 2Z5

November 9, 2012



Re: Mountain Province Diamonds Inc

We hold the above security on your behalf. The captioned security is the subject of a rights offering with details as follows:

Mountain Province Diamonds Inc (“MPV” or the “Corporation”) is issuing to the holders of its outstanding common shares (the “Common Shares” and each individually, a “Common Share”) of record at the close of business on October 30, 2012 (the “Record Date”) rights (each, a “Right”) to subscribe for additional Common Shares (the “Rights Shares”) on the terms set forth in the Rights Offering Circular (the “Rights Offering” or the “Offering”). Each registered holder of Common Shares

on the Record Date will receive one Right for each Common Share held.

* PLEASE NOTE: On the last trading day, Reorg Department will attempt to sell in the market any remaining

UNINSTRUCTED POSITIONS on a best efforts basis. The effective net price allocated will be the result of the net

proceeds from any sales that can be effected in this regard.

Option A: Shares — Exercise (tender in multiples of 6 Rights) (Eligible Shareholders only, see “Restrictions” below)

Six (6) Rights are required to subscribe for one Share of Mountain Province Diamonds Inc at a subscription price of C$3.50 per Share.

Option B: Shares — Exercise and Oversubscribe (tender in multiples of 6 Rights) (Eligible Shareholders only, see “Restrictions” below)

Six (6) Rights are required to subscribe for one Share of Mountain Province Diamonds Inc at a subscription price of C$3.50 per Share.

Additional Subscription:

Additional Subscription Privilege is available subject to proration. Holders of Rights who fully exercise their Rights under

the Basic Subscription Privilege may also subscribe pro rata for additional Shares not subscribed for initially by other holders

under the Basic Subscription Privilege.

Please note that clients who tender to the Additional Subscription Privilege may have their accounts debited on the expiry

date in the amount of the additional Shares requested multiplied by the subscription price of C$3.50 per Share.

Additional Subscription Privilege will be allocated according to the terms outlined in the Company’s offering circular and/or

the allocation received from any applicable agents.

Certain Canadian Federal Income Tax Considerations:

Please see pages 30 to 33 in the Rights Offering Circular.

Certain U.S. Federal Income Tax Considerations:

Please see pages 33 to 42 in the Rights Offering Circular.

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The Rights are being offered in all provinces of Canada, with the exception of Quebec, in the United States and in eligible Offshore Jurisdictions (collectively, the “Qualifying Jurisdictions”) provided that residents of such jurisdictions provide evidence satisfactory to the Corporation that it is not unlaw?zl to participate in the Rights Offering. Any holder of Rights whose address of record is in a Qualifying Jurisdiction will be considered an “Eligble Shareholder" for the purposes of this Rights Offering.

Interpretation of eligibility and satisfaction of conditions necessary to participate in any corporate event wherein restrictions apply is the client’s (andlor its Investment Manager’s or Adviser’ s) responsibility.

If you intend to exercise the above offer, please ensure the execution of your instructions by contacting RBC Direct Investing Inc. at I 800 769-2560 before 3:00 p.m. Toronto time on November 26, 2012. If you are calling from outside of North America, please call 416977-1255- Any tenders after this date will be on a “best efforts“ basis only. Instructions will only be accepted verbally at the above phone numbers. No instructions will be accepted by any form of electronic based trading;

for example: through our automated telephone service, online investing site, or facsimile. For your records, please take note of the following information when providing verbal instructions.