So looking at the drill map that was linked(see above) from the NR as found on MOZ's home web page, it can be seen that Sprite Zone is right next door to LPond...and it is looking like it will become a satellite deposit(maybe a couple hundred thousand OZ's??) to the 1MM Plus OZ LPond deposit.

MOZ put out great LPond numbers a few weeks ago that were from the end of the 2012 drill program. They were wide and high grade and were some of the deepest drilling to date. Since starting drilling again in 2013, they first have reported from way down on Valentine East and now have reported more holes this time from Sprite. I am expecting now that some of the next holes reported may again be back at LPond. If so they are likely going to be stepping back even more from the 100m step back the did last time....these large step backs are what can add some serious tonnage and thus lots of OZ's based on the good widths and high grades that have appeared so far at depth. As mentioned before, there are reasons to believe the LPond Zones could extend down dip well past 1km. To date they have looked down to about the 350m mark. if i am correct about some more deep drilling at LPond, then it is possible they have already started and first results may only be a couple weeks away....C.Gert