Just in case anybody missed this at the bottom of JR post yesterday....here is the link again. It is a map of the Open Pit Shell envisioned in the last 43-101. A lot of the "red" holes shown on the map were done late in 2012 and so have not yet been included in last 43-101 update. 

Also show in "Gold" are the 4 new holes. Not only did they all strike the Main Zone, they hit with very good widths/high grade(see last NR). What is exceptional about this is that not only did they all strike the zone, they did it at such wide intervals and stepped way back from earlier drilling. The distance from 504 in the south west to the furthermost one in the north east is 400m, The tonnage/grade represented by this adds a whole new dimension to the LPond resource.

End to end LPond is currently about 800m.  Much larger expansion is possible due to still being open up and down the strike length and most certainly remains very open at depth.

Here is JR's re- posted link: