Thanks for the link to the Pit Shell showing all the drilling at LPond including these four new holes and their spacing. This is getting bigger and bigger for sure and now appears that shareholders of MOZ are for sure "Sitting on a Gold Mine". 

A lot of the "red holes" shown on this map were not included in the last 43-101 and so now i believe it is very safe to say the LPond has crossed easily the 1MM OZ mark. MOZ has stated their plan for 10,000m  of drilling this winter with 2 rigs spinning are going to be aggressively going after finding additional deposits on the VLake property.

The focus is going to be Valentine East(rig spinning there now), Sprite and no doubt more at J.Frank and some other ares as yet we have not heard about(plus maybe more deep drilling at LPond??). The VEast area has some good historical drilling done be Mountain Lake and others in the past with some very good numbers and data on which to base this years program. I feel quite confident the VEast will in fact become the 2nd deposit on the property.

As for Sprite, it is very close to the LPond deposit and with luck rather than be a 3rd deposit it will actually become an extension the LPond make it a Giant deposit area.

Down in the South West there is J,Frank. This is a new area discovered last year by MOZ. So far the trenching there has returned excellent channel samples and giving lots of data on which to base this years drilling. So again with luck(good management actually) JFrank will add another deposit area.

Then there still is more potential in several more areas along the whole 23km VLake strike length....I believe at the moment that MOZ/VLake is being completely overlooked since it is in Newfoundland ant not in the well know Abitibi region. Once it does "get discovered" by some new gold bugs/institutions a rapid change in its market valuation will happen and all of us long time holders will finally get their due....C.Gert