Hi Sacks!

Yes keep the day job most of the jr miners are stuck in a rut. I'm looking at Marathon long term, meaning at least 2 years out if I live that long? It may get worse for Jr companies before it gets better however Marthon has conntinually produced exceptional drill results and the share float has lots of room? I expect the revised 43-101 and a P.E.A. will attract some new investment houses now watching Marathon.

My top picks remain with CSI, Colossus Minerals I see this doubling this year and I am buying. Primero Mining a safe pick in the gold silver sector. Last but not least of my potential high flyers is Orbite, ORT both a miner and refiner of high purity alumina and rare earth metals. Any of these three I see a double or better before years end. Just a few short years ago perhaps less than 2 Ort was in the 39 cent range so good things can happen as long as these companies continue to show positive results.

As for Moz I hope we hold at these levels besides ORT, MOZ is my second largest holding so I'll have lots of patience with Marathon and perhaps lightning strikes again. Still holding Stillwater Mining from the last takeover allbeit they may be a takeover target as a fund manager has objections to the management performance and may force a change later this spring?