Hey RB....this is what I have been expecting from LPond and actually much much more going forward. The LPond deposit has shown very similar characteristics as the Abitibi Region where the resource can actually extend down for a kilometer or more....LPond is already at about 1 MM OZ and could well be a multi million OZ(maybe 3MM??) deposit with a continued deep drilling effort. These numbers today are great...very rich and good widths.

Note as well, that the whole VLake property has in the order of 23Kms of strike length. If this was overlayed onto similar geologic area in the Abitibi,,,there could well be several deposits exceeding 1MM OZ within this size of property...A recent MOZ NR has stated they are also going to be focusing this winter's drill program on the Valentine East showing...perhaps this will turn up to be the next 1MM OZ one..  .C.Gert