Marathon Gold Hits High Grade Gold Intercepts at the J. Frank Zone

07:00 EST Tuesday, Jan 22, 2013


TORONTO, Jan. 22, 2013/CNW/ - Marathon Gold Corporation ("Marathon" or the "Company") (MOZ: TSX) today announced positive results from shallow exploration drilling in late 2012 of the Adam and the Frank QTP-Au Veins. These veins are part of the J. Frank Zone, Valentine LakeProject, Newfoundland (Figure 1).

The drilling focused along a 370 meter strike length of the J. Frank Zone; between the Adam Vein, Frank Veinand Frank VeinExtension and up to 250 m into the hanging wall (Figure 1). Previous encouraging high-grade gold values from channel and prospecting sampling of these veins were reported in 2012 (October 24, 2012news release).

The Frank and Adam veins share similar characteristics with localized high grade gold zones within areas of lower grade gold within the same quartz-tourmaline-pyrite veins. The high grade portions of these veins are the targets of the exploration drilling. If successful, high grade veins surrounded by lower grade gold veins could be the drivers of the possible open pit resources. The Adam and Frank Veins range up to 1 meter in width, strike east-west for up to 280 meters, but dip in opposite directions at about 45 degrees, with the Adam Veindipping north while the Frank Veindips south (Figure 1). The Adams vein also locally contains base metals and silver in addition to gold. The Frank Veinwill be the subject of additional drilling in the first quarter of 2013. The Adam Veinwill be the subject of a future drilling program.

Highlights include:

  • Adam Veinintercepts of 4.58 g/t Au over 5.4m (TT) with 23.42gpt Au over 0.9m (TT) and 3.10 g/t Au over 2.7m (TT) with 9.10 g/t Au over 0.9m (TT) in VL-12-488, and 12.95 g/t Au over 2.87m (TT) with 24.02 g/t Au over 1.0m (TT), in VL-12-490 (Photo 1).
  • Frank Veinintercepts include 10.87 g/t Au over 2.1m (TT) with 29.37 g/t Au over 0.7m (TT) in VL-12-500 (Photo 2).
  • These new high-grade gold intercepts in a lower grade gold-bearing alteration envelop confirm the J. Frank Zonemodel of stacked QTP-Au veining within a strong alteration halo along a 230 meter strike length of the Valentine Lakethrust contact and for up to 135 meters into the hanging wall.

"The intersection of these high-grade Au intercepts at shallow depths within an overall low grade gold zone is very encouraging as we work towards the development of a future resource at the J. Frank Zone." said Phillip Walford, President and CEO of Marathon Gold.

TABLE 1: Significant Assay Intervals from drill holes in the Adam Vein(FZ-AV) and Frank Vein(FZ-FV) contained within the J. Frank Zone.*

DDH Section Zone From To Core

TT (m) Gold(g/t)

VL-12-488 8410 FZ-AV 71 75 4 4 0.70
      120 126 6 5.4 4.58
including     125 126 1 0.9 23.42
      139 142 3 2.7 1.26
      159 162 3 2.7 0.87
      187 190 3 2.7 3.10
including     187 188 1 0.9 9.10
VL-12-489 8390 FZ-AV 157 161 4 3.6 2.29
VL-12-490 8360 FZ-AV 2.13 5 2.87 2.87 12.95
including     4 5 1 1 24.02
VL-12-494 8410 FZ-FV 16 40 24 12 0.68
      101 104 3 3 0.66
VL-12-495 8500 FZ-FV 35 38 3 1.95 1.13
      40 43 3 1.95 0.96
VL-12-496 8545 FZ-FV 70 73 3 2.1 0.63
VL-12-497 8570 FZ-FV 1.62 5 3.38 3.04 0.97
      9 12 3 2.70 0.65
      78 81 3 2.25 1.65
VL-12-499 8600 FZ-FV 54 61 7 4.9 1.09
      65 68 3 2.1 0.58
VL-12-500 8650 FZ-FV 40 43 3 2.1 0.71
      57 60 3 2.1 10.87
including     58 59 1 0.7 29.36


* No significant intervals in VL-12-491, 492, 493, 498, 501


The Valentine LakeProject is 100% owned by Marathon Gold Corporation (July 9, 2012news release). Marathon has begun a 10,000 meter winter 2013 diamond drilling of the Valentine LakeProperty. All grades in this release are uncut, and all thicknesses are estimated true thicknesses.

All of the samples were analyzed at Eastern Analytical Laboratory Ltd., in Springdale, Newfoundland. Samples were assayed using lead collection fire assay with AA (atomic absorption) finish. Due to the coarse nature of the gold at the Leprechaun Gold Deposit, the metallic screening method is used on economically important intersections using standard fire assay techniques. The reported values in this release are fire assay results.

Sherry Dunsworth, M.Sc., P. Geo., VP of Exploration, Marathon's Qualified Person, has reviewed the contents for accuracy and has approved this press release on behalf of Marathon.

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About the Valentine LakeProject

Marathon Gold Corporation is the 100% owner of the Valentine LakeProject. The Leprechaun Gold Deposit is situated at the south-western end of the Valentine LakeProject, and the Valentine EastGold Zone is located 17 kilometers along strike running in a north-easterly direction. The J. Frank Zone, which currently extends over an area in excess of 1.4 kilometers in length and 250 meters in width, is located up to 0.5 kilometers southwest along strike from the current Resource boundary of the Leprechaun Gold Deposit. These gold occurrences form part of a 23 kilometer long, highly prospective gold-bearing mineralized corridor focused along the Valentine Lakethrust fault.

About the Leprechaun Gold Deposit

The Leprechaun Gold Deposit has a combined NI 43-101 compliant Measured and Indicated Resource of 9,537,000 tonnes grading 2.22 g/t Au, for a total estimated 682,000 ounces of Au (October 22, 2012news release). The Inferred Resource is 1,959,000 tonnes grading 2.30 g/t Au, for an estimated 145,000 ounces of Au. This Resource was estimated using a 0.5 g/t Au minimum cut-off for open pit resources and 1.5 g/t Au for underground resources. The Leprechaun Gold Deposit is open at depth and along strike.