RB...this is the exact right amount for MOZ to be raising especially at these depressed prices. It will provide all the funding necessary to run their operational plans well past mid-year 2013.

MOZ like most other resource companies has struggled to gain any traction no matter how good the NR's have been(and MOZ has had a long series of good releases in 2012). So far since MOZ was created out of the Marathon PGM spinout, all PP's have been at much higher prices and most of those who participated are certainly well offside. With the $5MM being raised this time, I am thinking that the plan for exploration target drilling will turn this around by showing that the VLake property holds multi-deposit potential and for a change the PP buyers will see a very large return on this PP investment. The benefits will come two fold in that not only will MOZ deliver with some great property exploration results, but that the resource market in general(especially junior golds) is due for a large bump up all on its own. Add a positive PEA for the 1MM Oz Leprechaun Pond Gold Deposit(open pit/underground and still open at depth) and a double within the first half of 2013 appears in the cards....C.Gert