Folks 5 0r 6 million won't cut the core to fund the drilling.

They need cash for Bonanza, next years drilling they did mention to proceed with drilling in 2013.

Continued exploration and drilling in NFLD. That could easily use up 5 million on a more modest effort.

Will Golden Chest go into modest production with New Jersey Mining Co?

These guys know how to manage their cash flow so either something goes on the back burner and they focus on V. Lake and G.C. We all know there will be another funding drive shortly and hopefully Stillwater will be in for a few more shares? I assume they want to be fully funded no debt as they aim for a serious increase in proven reserves in 2013. If gold holds at these levels there should be a couple of feasibility studies out next year with V Lake taking the spotlight!

Bottom line I wish they could raise the cash at $1.00 but 60 cents may be all it is?