I see ag at $45(2X)before AU is $2600(2X) What about the aussie gold fields life of resource, Costerfield? Can it be extended beyond 4 years?
What are cap-ex requirements for the new resource bought from SSRI? Can it be producing in 2016?   I would have called IR but only discovered the company tonight
Costerfield Growth Projects:
In September of 2013, Mandalay completed a Preliminary Economic Analysis* (“PEA”) of the proposed mine life extension based on Mineral Resources in the Cuffley lode and N-lode that suggested a profitable 4 year mine life at the 10,000-12,000 t/m mining rate, producing about 50,000 oz of gold equivalent a year at low cash and all-in costs (click here for press release, click here to view Cuffley PEA report, filed Oct. 10, 2013).

Thanks guys