It is interesting but place in holdings is not as relevant as knowing average cost, number held, %age of portfolio and when last transacted. It is good that they hold but this position could have been because average cost was 20cents and they have risen in position on price alone and they simply have not been in market since. It is when they trade the stocks that one can tell the likelihood of prevailing sp movements thus indicating when we should be buying or selling...if one thinks they are right, or if you want to ride theri coat-tails. Look what happened to CHR a la Fairfax!!!  I am sure they have not traded HCG for ages but it is like cream rising to the top and they could sell it all tomorrow which means we don't want to be in the market when it happens.  What I found more interesting was their cash position. Einstein was wrong about relativity when it comes to insider analysts...hardly any aspect is relative unless they are trading actively.

just sipping wine wondering why we posters cannot affect the markets and be held in 'awe' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!