If I am wrong then why have the shares been matched with selling???

I know information about a few companies. Insider information no you idiot. If you knew where to look and paid for certain services you could track MOST of the larger holders of the stock. EX larger holders. You just have to look and know the companies you are investing in. 

I think we have head winds here for the next while. If I am wrong great. My cost as I have been adding for the last while is around $1.10. I expect a sell of and clearing the way for a sharp rebound. IF OIL PRICES STAY ABOVE $90 A BARREL.

As for Wade......He is another story. As far as I am concerned he was at the right place at the right time.  If you believe in him and everyone continues to support him then I know myself and many others will be out of this name. He has slipped up to many times and has not addressed any of it.

Again take it for what it is worth.  Remember as it stands MOST people are looking in the future and assigning a dollar value on this company as if it will succeed at 100%.