Unless your investing in a Venture listed O&G company for the very first time then your an idiot if you think news doesn't get leaked whether on purpose or not. It could be leaked by the CEO or it could be the roughneck working on the rig tripping pipe. Never mind the fact it happens all the time it's also almost impossible to prosecute as how do you prove who knew what (and exactly when the knew it) and what they did or didn't say to who?

Think about if for a second. How many times have you seen MMT (or almost every onther Venture listed O&G company regardless of where they operate) go up and /or down BEFORE news is released? Unless your delusional you know it's just the way it is and crying about it does what again???.... oh right,.... NOTHING!

How many times has it been said about what you look for in a company? Isn't management usually number one or at least in the top 2? You can have the best resource in the world but if management screws it up it might not matter?

The real question IMO is do you believe in(aka) trust managment? If you do then these fluctuations/news release timelines,etc. don't really matter as eventually the numbers speak for themselves.

So far managment of MMT(Wade) has come through even if later then thought sometimes so I continue to trust management up until a time as they prove that trust is misplaced.

Feel free to exchange in banter with those who just joined SH and immediately start to post negative remarks and sow fear if you like but I'll just continue to be patient.

PS. if you have been in MMT for any amount of time you will know that being patient is usually rewarded.