Hasn't Faber been predicitng doom and gloom for the past 5 years(or longer)though?I'm not necessarily disagreeing with him as my own outlook is not overly positive but anyone who listens to these doomsday guys like Faber,like I have,has to be a bit skeptical as total economic collapse still hasn't happened despite their continuous predictions to that end.While I do appreciate the whole fiat currency debasement/debt/gold argument which I believe Faber subscribes to,it doesn't seem to be happening.I don't doubt it will,BUT WHEN?It's kinda comical how every gold retracement is "the last great buying opportunity before all hell breaks loose".Then it goes lower.I buy  the whole thesis but it's been wrong for quite a while and I think it's like saying tomorrow will be the end of the world.One day you will be right.No question.But when?I keep thinking of the saying "economists have predicted 19 of the last 3 recessions".Maybe this is it.Who knows but it never seems to get as extreme either way.