I for one didn't know of the story and appreciate the post whether he is a newbie or not.A quick google did reveal this is a current story as it just happened last sunday.For me at least,a post like that is 100 times more relevant to my Nigerian investment than 90% of the posts here,which for the most part are of little or no actionable value whatsoever.Not trying to be rude but calm down man.I'm not happy either with the action the last few days but I doubt JohnEverett is behind it whereas the current Nigerian hostage situation might indeed be a bit more of a factor.

I agree that the greenies are doing harm(and the dollar value much more) but that trouble isn't quite as dramatic as hostage taking in an already questionable area of the world and i don't think it is relevant to Mart either.When was the last hostage taking in Alberta or Texas?Also,I for one don't want corporations running unchecked either.I want to make big profits just like you and everyone here but not at the expense of the locals or the environment.Unfortunately everything tends to go to extremes and common sense is anything but common so getting a mutually acceptable agreement in anywhere near a reasonable amount of time is next to impossible.JMHO