I see the pattern. Count me in for $300.00. No guess date though - things usually go badly when I try to time them.


Should we, in advance, consider pursuing charitable registration status in Canada, U.S. and other for the Nigerian children's hospital for those who would like to claim tax deduction? (Not sure that mentioned yet)


When we got the "fluff" press release yesterday, instead of substantial operating news, I thought we would pull back 30 - 40 cents but instead surged forward. And now we are giving it back. Strange.


It also seems strange that we cannot get a press release on the actual pipeline construction status, assuming it has already started, even if we haven't received that official signature (btw - did anybody ever send that pen) That said, the longer it takes, the likely more bullish it will be as it will probably document a percentage of pipeline completion to that date - perhaps 10% - 20%.