I was looking forward to taking a break from my job as a contest organizer!! So much for that :-)

For the $3.00 contest we will have the same type of rule "closest to the pin"

Since we are a long way from $3.00 at least in value if not in time. I am also thinking of giving a 3 months time window for the picks and if we do not get to $3.00 by the end of the 3 months all bets are moved by 3 months. That way we can keep everybody in the game.


We will do a pledge for charity to a Children Hospital in the delta region of Nigeria and the winner gets to sign the letter going to the Hospital from Mart shareholders. I will also ask the company to match the pledges.

I will also ask the company to find the appropriate hospital in the region since none of us really know the right one to select.

A poster on IV already pledged $500 so let's beat the $7,000 level this time around.

If you have any suggestions please send me a private message I do not want to crowd the Board with too many messages about that.


Cheers and Go Mart