Was a great week ! Lets say the fat lady does sing and we get 45000 bod in the new line and additional space in the AGIP (about 16,000 bod)

With two drills , the East/West targets Horizontals etc, over a period of about 24 months they probably could fill the capacity above at about 60,000 bod (30,000 net to MMT)

We will use a 16% bunkering factor so 84% of 30,000 is about 25000 bod oil pay after theft.

I Believe un-like the North Sea the UMU field could produce at this level for a long time , by matching any declines by turning on other zones or adding Horizontals.

There is really no limit to the upside if we execute the above :) The cash flow could easily triple the dividend and still fund more projects in the bid rounds. The growth in production here would be much higher than other parts of the world because of the low decline rates fields that you have put into production.

The share price will follow the dividend , this we have witnessed so if they triple the divi ..........

Chen has already mentioned this.. and really they are only looking a year ahead and not two years :) :)

Wade ha been here twenty years you say LOL