With so many constructive, positive people volunteering their time and efforts to help educate retail investors, please do your best to block out the few bad eggs.  If you have requested that a poster refrain from being disruptive and they contiunue to upset you, it is then your responsibility to put them on ignore. 

The ignore feature is located by clicking the bottom, right-hand side, arrow tab of the poster's incon.  You will find a drop down menu with 'ignore user' located on the third line from the top.  Once you have the user on ignore, it will block their messages as you scroll through postings.  The reason why these people stay is that they crave any form of attention, be it positive or negative.  The more you acknowledge them, the more they will post and disrupt.  Please refrain from engaging them and you will find then that there is more time to digest valuable information about the investments you are interested in.