CEO has skins in the game. He likes his DIVY payments. Follow the leader. Wade is a good leader. He knows his environment well. Once we get the infrastructure intact, it's big blue sky from that point on. Wade is a very smart man. Mart has many more catalyst’s coming in 2013. Margin field programs, which Wade seems to be very acquainted with and indept knowledge and background. He does what he says and even when things go south, his contingency plans have been executed with precision. We already know UMU-10 is a great discovery and there is much more to come. He takes his time and timing is of the essence. I see a 10 dollar stock coming with BIG DIVY's. Just wait til Mart hits the Big Boards... Then is on like donkey kong.... GLTA  Mart's been my best pick so far the last 5 yrs. (long position that is). I just keep adding.