Hey guys and gals, some interesting suggestions have been coming in on "the next Mart."  Rather than having contests on when we will reach $2, $3 or whatever, how about a contest to PICK THE NEXT STOCK TO DOUBLE?  This could actually help us to generate investing ideas.  It could also be fun.

Suggested rules:

- Picks to be made by January 31

- 1 pick per participant

- Base price is the closing price on the day you make your pick

- North American listed stocks only

- After posting your pick on this board, then your arguments or comments on a particular stock should be posted on the board for that stock, to avoid cluttering the MMT board.  An occasional update on the prices of all picks could be posted on the MMT board.

Any reactions?



As with any contest, the winner or winners would be entitled to a prize. If you were to borrow Oullins format, explain to me what motivation I would have to fund say $100.00 towards a Charity Organization to the winner for his pick, when in fact I have not an iota of interest in the winner's selection?

Try getting sponsorship from Stochouse to offer a prize or two and you might have some interest in the game.

Send an email to Marcus (CEO of Stockhouse) and see what happens...

[email protected]


JMHO mind you.