Just a thought....

These rebels that the French are fighting are living & working out of Mali because the leader who is an Algerian by birth, his top lieutenants are Algerian  can't operate in Algeria, because the Algerian gov't forced him out & probably would string him up by his thumbs if he returned. This Muktar had to form is own splinter group, because al-qaeda forced him out.

The concern I have is the spread of intimidation & terror from this Muktar guy. He has already jumped the border to cause problems for his former homeland & the west by his kidnapping of foreign workers. This action seems to have been well thought out & in planning for some time. The facility attacked is as isolated as you can get. No one thought that security was an issue there, but everybody has had a wake-up call.

What I mean by everybody is all those who are helping the Malian gov't (including the west) & all the countries surrounding Mali (Algeria, Mauritania, Nigeria, Burkino Faso) )  are legitimate targets according to this Muktar. Some of these surrounding countries have sent troops.

Legitimate targets couild include any energy facility that may also employ foreign workers as bargaining chips if they manage to kidnap some of these foreigners.

PS...considering how easily pipelines in which MMT is involved have been sabotaged on a SMALL scale in the recent past, I hate to think if this Muktar focuses on Nigeria.

Let's hope that the French & its african allies out an end to this & soon. This rebel group has no local support. Not even al-qaeda doesn't want them.

We (MMT) don't need anymore disruptions.