JMO ..take with grain of salt LOL . First i believe there is no limit to how high the price can go if they get adequate pipe space because Nigeria has endless marginal fields and i believe due to low declines you can grow production very fast. The end game for companies like MMT, OER HOC etc , is to hopefully cooperate and build more pipelines in joint agreements.Perhaps if the easements or ROW'S on existing pipeline routes are wide enough they can twin the pipelines without going through all the land clearances ..dunno

As far as 3$ goes ..JMO ..BUT i think MMT stock does rise substantially beyond $2.50 until they raise the divy.

The market will reward mart after they pad the treasury and show that they can sustain a higher divy. The market is looking at the theft and is fickle as MMT has not shown a good quarter for quite some time now!!

Of course none of the above occurs unless the shell agreement goes through. Too many times before from experience the obvious does not happen. Unfortuntunately in the corporate world its dog eat dog it is not done unti you see an NR saying we have a finalized CRUDE HANDLING AGREEMENT.

Have been here a long time now and seen how AGIP does negotiations ..they shut half your production down first ..then let you squirm. Thats not normal IMHO??? NOPE.

SHELL GOT their $850 million and possibly they want more . I did not see the Nigerian Government help MMT when AGIP cut our production, so i really don't think the share price will go forward of divy payments.

Getting people all hyped up about fast rising share prices is not realistic here IMO. I do believe we get a nice bump with shell deal done and umu 10 ..maybe $2.30 i hope , but after that the share price will only rise with good quarters ,,, banked monies and announcement of divy increase.